A ≠ A: Capitalism, Symbols, and the Conditioning of Human Nature [pdf]

A ≠ A is a set of recordings and critical theory that serve as an attempt to soberly position myself in the world both culturally and politically. The writing portion of A ≠ A is an examination of the nature of symbols in relation to the human brain, how symbols constitute large scale class based societies, and what that might mean for struggles both culturally and politically.

Imploding Signs part 3: On, On Cultural Struggle

Reflections on my Zine On Cultural Struggle: Artistic Militance and the Abolition of Value. Explorations on the concept of "symbolic violence," what it is, and how it is used to shape our actions. 

Imploding Signs part 2: Reflections On Objeto/Espacio

A look at the critique of Eurocentric notions of value in aesthetics present in Luis Fernando Amaya's piece for solo string instrment, Objeto/Espacio: Variaciones y Bagatelas

Imploding Signs part 1: Teasing Out Contradiction

Deconstructing positivist and essentialist notions inherent in dominant modes of signification. Part 1: Framing the problem and reflections on visceral deconstruction through Alex Grimes' piece An Object that is Not Oriented

In Response to Dal Niente Season Opener 9.18 by Tamas Vilaghy

 A critique of Vilaghy’s use of binary notions of value specifically when applied to identity politics, composition, and curation


an interview on socioeconomics, music, and Pamies' Produktionsmittel III,  for Cacophony Magazine


 a reaction for Cacophony Magazine