Entropy EP/An Object that is Not Oriented, the first release from Chicago-based Gilded Records, is in two parts:  an improvised exchange, as well as an interpretation of Alex Grimes' "An Object that is Not Oriented". The musicians heard here are Eli Namay (upright bass) and Phil Sudderberg (percussion). 

"... tight control over the flow of noise is vital. In fact, for traditional authority, spontaneous action itself is noise. But in ... Culture on the Margins, historian Jon Cruz points out, the trickster function of noise as 'sound out of order. It evades, eludes, spills out of, or flows over, the preferred channels -- out of place, resistant to capture.' In that sense the pretense to control becomes exposed as quixotic... People hear the sound and say 'no one told me it could be like that; I wonder what else they haven't told me.'... once they start down that road, thoughts inevitably turn to what else might need to be different."

-- George Lewis

Cassidy, Aaron (2013) Part 2: Practices - George Lewis. Noise in and as Music. pp. 122