Conditioning and its Effects on Communication and Organizing

I had a great conversation today with some lefty pals about the effects of ideology on our organizing and communication. That is to say, it is not enough to have a correct analysis of dominant modes of domination, we must also understand and continually struggle against the weaponization of our unconscious minds, and the way in which the ruling classes manipulate movements for their own benefit. This manifests itself differently depending on personal background and the particular activist layer that one is a part of, but I think that there are some commonalities we can see across the board. The main one I see is the way in which identity functions as a generator for meaning. This applies not only to identities that we are born with, but probably more insidiously with identities that we assume. Taking on the identity of a particular political philosophy can potentially be just as limiting as it is empowering. That is, action is taken not according to critical thought, but according to what a given political identity is supposed to do. In this way feelings of empowerment come from negating an other (that which is not in your assumed political philosophy). This feeling of empowerment is an illusion. This should be particularly clear in the wake of the current issues surrounding Facebook and the role that artificial intelligence is playing in aiding in this weaponization of the unconscious.